Become Endorsed As Cruelty-Free

Thanks for your interest in becoming endorsed by Naturewatch Foundation as a cruelty-free company.


As part of our work to bring cruelty-free companies and brands to consumers, we produce the Compassionate Shopping Guide. It’s been in print since 1993, but now we’re excited to offer an online version too. 


If endorsed, your brand and products will feature in the Guide and consumers will be able to access it wherever they are.


Start Your Application Online

Applying online is quick and easy. 


If you are successful, your brand and company will be published in The Compassionate Shopping Guide


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How becoming endorsed can help your company

It’s free

There’s no fee to become endorsed and there are no strings attached. We just need confirmation of your animal testing policy.

Promote your values

The Compassionate Shopping Guide is the strictest endorsement scheme of its type in the world. It’s the best way to show your customers what you care about.

Connect with your customers

Thousands of cruelty-free shoppers already use our Compassionate Shopping Guide. It’s a great way to introduce them to your brand, without the costs of advertising. 

We’ll help you to get the word out

We’ll invite your company to share relevant blogs and special offers, and we’ll promote them on our website and social media pages.

Help with your cruelty-free policy

Whether you’re just putting your policy in place, or you need to refresh it, you can use our step-by-step guide to help you.

The Trusted Guide To Cruelty-Free Shopping Since 1993

In 1993, Naturewatch Foundation lifted the lid on the use of animal testing in personal care and household products by publishing the Compassionate Shopping Guide.


We were the first organisation in the UK to make this information available to the public, and today the Compassionate Shopping Guide continues to highlight why it’s so important to understand the policies behind the products. 


We know that increasing numbers of people want to be certain that they’re shopping cruelty free, and they’re using our Guide to help them. It’s become the go-to source of reliable information.

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"Went shopping with my guide, so useful ... thank you. xxx"
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"My favourite 'book' ever."
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"I have just read your Naturewatch booklet. What an inspiration you all are to animal lovers all over the world. It gives me just that little glimmer of hope that eventually determined people like you will stop the abuse and suffering of the majority of animals worldwide. Thank you all."
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"I don't shop without it... now buy ALL cruelty free, real value for caring and money."
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"Your endorsements are in my eyes the most reliable. I too go by the parent company."

How to get your Naturewatch Foundation endorsement

It’s easy to get started, you’ll need to complete a questionnaire and sign a statutory declaration. We’ll work with you through the entire process, whether you already have an animal testing policy in place, or you’re looking to get started.

It’s important to know that Naturewatch Foundation only approves brands and parent companies that have what’s known as a Fixed Cut-Off Date (FCOD) animal testing policy. 


The FCOD is the gold standard of cruelty-free policies. Companies that have a  FCOD won’t use any newly developed ingredients that have been subject to animal testing after their chosen date.


It means peace of mind that your suppliers aren’t commissioning animal tests for your ingredients.


Even if a subsidiary brand has an FCOD in place, it won’t be endorsed unless the parent company also has one. While some endorsement schemes promote cruelty-free brands, companies in the Compassionate Shopping Guide support animal welfare throughout their entire range of brands and products.

Do you have any questions?

If you’d like to know more before you start, just get in touch. You can call us on +44 (0) 1242 252871 or email us