We make premium, concentrated & sustainable solid cosmetics that will leave you looking and feeling beautiful. Why solid products? It’s about taking beauty products and making them super dense. Every product in the Ethique range is packed full of only good things that will work to bring out the best in your skin & hair.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do - we started making beauty products because we know they can be made better! But it goes further than formulas: our products and packaging are 100% plastic free and home compostable; we're in the top 10% of B-Corps worldwide; we donate 2% of sales to charity annually; we're certified vegan, palm oil and cruelty free. We're a living wage employer, which extends all the way to the producers of our ingredients - we work in direct trade with farming cooperatives to make sure their communities are getting the best deal. Choosing an Ethique product is a choice in favour of better, more sustainable business.


Ethique, Reg. 3152626 (NZBN 9429031359771)

At Ethique, caring for people and the planet is at the heart of everything we do. It’s our belief that this care includes being good to the creatures we share the planet with too. Our products are purposefully vegan & cruelty free and have been from the start. The difference? They’re two distinct positions and we won’t compromise on either.

Not only does Ethique not test on animals, but we only use ingredients that haven’t been tested on animals. We won’t take the dishonest and disingenuous route of getting another organisation to test on animals for us either. Why would we when there are so many harm-free alternatives?

Fortunately, there are immense volumes of data available to us (and other organisations, of course) about ingredient safety and efficacy. This information renders animal testing unnecessary for most companies. Instead, the best course of action is to formulate products based on the data and the safety it proffers. Then, test those products on willing human participants.

Taking an absolute stance against animal testing is not without its consequences. While the practice is illegal in many countries including New Zealand, India, and the EU, Chinese law mandates that all products in physical stores be tested on animals first. This means our bars won’t be available on shelves in China until the current legislation is overturned, but the good news is that these rules don’t apply to anything sold directly to consumers. Our Chinese fans can still buy from us online.

Another promise? Vegan ingredients, without exception.

This means we don’t use any ingredients derived from animals. Even if an animal doesn’t die in production, there’s too much risk of poor treatment and exploitation for us to be involved.

To be frank, it’s strange and unfortunate that this is a stance we take and not an expected part of doing business. We’ve proven that naturally derived, plant-based ingredients do a far superior job, with none of the harm, and it’s a stance that we will never change.

Additionally to our strong cruelty free and vegan stance, Ethique bars are packaged in home compostable packaging, the ingredients in our bars are ethically and sustainably sourced, greywater safe, and strictly palm oil free. We also have iron clad legislation against child labour and exploitation of any kind in our supply chain, partner with farming cooperatives and women-led businesses for our ingredients and donate 2% of sales to aligned charities and community organisations - namely environmental, sustainability and animal welfare causes.


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