100% natural and nutrient dense skincare, formulated for all skin types and handmade in small batches.



At Planted we are devoted to creating a business that leaves the world in a better place than where when we started. Ethical practices shape our business model and brand identity, which we are very proud of.

* We believe there is no excuse for cosmetic products to be tested on animals and are careful to ensure our raw materials have also not undergone any animal testing.
* We will only ever use earth and skin friendly ingredients, never synthetic ingredients, which can impact water sources if they’re partially washed of, as well as impacting our customers’ health.
* We pledge that nothing that isn't readily biodegradable ends up in landfill. This means every item of waste that is not readily recyclable is disposed of sustainably by specialist facilities, and of course anything recyclable is taken to the necessary collection points.
* We offer a refill service to deliver a closed loop system. Our glass packaging can be returned to us for reuse.
* All packaging is readily recyclable, from the containers that hold the products to the tape wrapped around the boxes they’re delivered in!
* We aim to source as many of the ingredients and raw materials as locally as possible. The honey in our cleanser for example is sourced from our local elderly beekeeper who loves his bees and the jars are returned for reuse.


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14 Backfields Lane

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