Dog Hair Day

Company: FlynnTheDog Ltd

Approved Vegan

About the Brand

In each bottle of Dog Hair Day shampoo you get: 97% naturally derived ingredients – no Parabens and no harsh chemicals. All the ingredients used in Dog Hair Day shampoos are selected for their quality. A pH balanced shampoo to suit your dog’s skin, which differs from that of a human. Cruelty-free products. None of the ingredients or finished products is tested on animals. Transparency We believe in being totally transparent about what goes into our shampoos. All our ingredients are listed on the bottles and on our website. Also, the shampoos are tested to human cosmetic standards. Every Dog Deserves a Dog Hair Day


Halton Mill, Mill Lane,, Halton, Lancaster, LA2 6ND, UK

+44 1524 383547

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