Magic Lips

Company: Ultra Glow Cosmetics Ltd

Approved Eco-Friendly

Approved Vegan

About the Brand

BRAND PHILOSOPHY Magic Lips has become synonymous with convenience and fun. Convenient because whether as a base under your lipstick or on its own it offers all day colour. Fun comes from the visual impact of the dynamic shades which on application change to your individual pH shade of pink. Magic Lips has always delivered quality, effectiveness with the added benefit of vitamins and waxes to care, moisturise and protect the lips. Often imitated never matched. Whole range is Vegetarian. 12 Hour Lipstain, Kissproof, Drinkproof, Swimproof.


Unit 10 Gamma Terrace, West Road, Ipswich, IP3 9FF, United Kingdom

+44 1473271500

Where to buy
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  • Department Stores
  • Pharmacies
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  • Health Food Stores

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