Why the Compassionate Shopping Guide is the only cruelty-free shopping guide you need

Did you know, Ethical Consumer has named the Compassionate Shopping Guide ‘best in scope’ in its comparison of cruelty-free endorsement schemes? That’s because we have one of the strongest criteria around and only endorse companies that have zero ties to animal testing.

How do we do that?

When a company applies to join the guide we check that:

  1. They have a fixed cut-off date (FCOD) – sadly, almost all product ingredients have been tested on animals at some point in the past. However, a company that has an FCOD promises they won’t test any product ingredients on animals after that date. They’ll make sure their suppliers follow the date, too.
  2. Their parent company and any subsidiaries are cruelty-free – we make sure a brand’s FCOD applies not just to them, but also to any parent or sister companies. That way, we know their whole supply chain is cruelty-free!
  3. They don’t conduct mandatory animals tests to sell in China – sadly, animal testing is still required in China, although some exemptions do exist. If a company sells in China, we ask them to let us know how they avoid animal testing.

Why are we different?

You might look at our criteria and think, ‘surely all endorsement schemes are the same?’ Unfortunately, they’re not.

Some schemes only look at the individual brand, and not the whole company. It’s great that these schemes exist because they’re helping brands make changes in the right direction. But you could still be indirectly supporting animal testing.

The best way to avoid this is to choose brands that are endorsed in the Compassionate Shopping Guide.

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