smol started as an eco-friendly and affordable subscription laundry capsule delivery service. Since launching, we have expanded our range to include dishwasher tablets, fabric conditioner and surface sprays - all delivered straight to your door without any hassle.

All smol products are formulated to be 100% vegan friendly and cruelty-free. We are particularly proud of our animal fat-free fabric conditioner! The packaging for our laundry and dishwasher products is completely plastic-free and made from FSC approved card, which can be recycled or composted at home. The products themselves are 100% water soluble, biodegradable and fragranced using ethically sourced essential oils. All our products have also been designed to avoid unnecessary water transportation by using super concentrated formulas and dissolvable tablets.

In our battle against single use plastics, our fabric conditioner bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic and can be sent back to us to refill when empty! Additionally, our refillable surface sprays are also 100% recycled and designed to be kept for life.

We spent a long time carefully designing our spray formulas, ensuring they were all non-toxic, vegan, pet-safe, allergen-free, preservative-free, carcinogen-free but still super effective!


smol is owned by smol limited, Reg. 10626548


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Bathroom Cleaner, Dishwasher Products, Fabric Conditioners, Kitchen Cleaner, Laundry Products, Multisurface Cleaner, Window / Glass Cleaner

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